Therma shape

They’re all talking about cavitation today, but they’re not talking about health and healthy cellulite removal. We are different and primarily thinking about the safety of our clients and safe weight loss. That is why we have chosen the technology completely safe for clients that combines the simultaneous operation of ultrasound, bipolar radio frequency, photodynamic and lymph drainage. Acting simultaneously on the removal of cellulite and fatty tissue, firming and rejuvenation of the skin and stimulation of skin metabolism, a younger appearance is achieved, and the skin is taut, velvite and firm. This safe method allows you carefree and above all pleasant treatment, saving time and investment, with great and fast results that you have always wished for.

It reduces the size of adipocite (fat cells) in the dermis and the subcutaneous, helping them to release triglyceride content. It facilitates the microcirculation to nourished the tissue by reducing edema and adipocite, and stimulates the fibroblasters on collagen synthesis that is important for skin firmness. We operate in depth, efficient and safe for you and your body, allowing natural processes to do all the necessary steps to the desired appearance and health of the skin.
All that is expected from you is to reduce the intake of fatty and heavy food and increase fluid intake (tea, water) to help the lymphinous system eliminate toxins.

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