Microdmabraemia, one of the most commonly performed treatments in the world, is the treatment of refreshing and regenerating every type of skin. It also reduces wrinkles, alleviates hyperpigmentation and restores a healthy and nourishing look to the skin.

After targeted removal of dead cells with special Reviderm Skin Peeler device, a strong growth of new healthy cells in the basal skin is stimulated. The new cells then migrate to the upper layers, gradually restoring the resulting microdamage to the tissue. The result is pure and shiny skin, without redness and irritation. It is a gentle, painless method, without the risk of allergies and scars.

Using aluminium oxide crystal flow, Reviderm Skin Peeler gently and painlessly removes the top layer of skin in a controlled way. The new cells, after the treatment itself, should also provide certain active ingredients to maintain the results of the treatment.

Our specialist will be sure to guide you through the targeted selection of home care to healthy and well-groated skin.

How often is it necessary to go to treatments?

The most important is the holistic approach to each client. At the specialist examination, based on skin indications, a complete treatment recommendation is made, which should be accompanied by certain active ingredients found in home care preparations. After one treatment, we can expect visible skin refreshment. If you want to improve your skin condition, or work on a particular problem, you need continuity between regular visits to treatments, and then the specialist will mostly recommend a package of 5 treatments with shorter arrival intervals.

To whom is microdermabrasion intended?

To all! If you have problematic skin, rough skin texture, wrinkles, sun damage, unclean acne skin, dehydrated skin, or just decide it’s time to take more serious care of your skin, microdermabrasion is the treatment for you!

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