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The “New World” massage, namely the Lotus Massage (named after the beauty salon in which it is performed for years), is designed specifically to improve general psycho-physical health and fitness. This massage belongs to energy massages that target the elimination of the causes of modern age diseases, among which are the most common causes of stress, dissatisfaction, hyperactivity… Energy massages affect relaxation, while leaving high beta conditions – that is, high levels of beta brainwaves that, especially today, include our waking state – a state of agitation and stress.

With us, this is the first massage of its kind. It combines in itself a variety of techniques with completely new energy tools, and for the purpose of the general good condition of each client who uses it. Clean blockages and pollution that do not give a man to feel good and to go forward in any sense – emotional, physical, mental and energetic. The massage is achieved through a certain time homeostza. The man begins to vibrate according to the newly emerging frequencies and changes on earth and in the cosmos (Schuman’s resonance 2012 was 7.43 HZ, and today it rose to about 20 HZ). Through therapy, the individual eventually becomes aware that he gives himself or takes away the possibility of progress.

Why indulge the lotus massage?

Everyday and increasing stresses force us to experience an increasing number of negative emotions, which lead to severe psycho-physical conditions. The man begins to vibrate at frequencies of low emotions, i.e. On the frequencies of sadness, anger (which over time passes into rage), various types of fears (from poverty, through disease to abandonment and failure), frustration, depression, aggression, passive aggression, etc.
Our perception of the interaction we have with the environment is what makes us feel. By setting too high expectations for the environment, instead of changing ourselves and waking up to what we should fix, we choose to be in an imbalance. The freedom of every man is to choose whether he is good or bad. Accordingly, people who are open to change are much faster to feel better (the faster their aches fade and the brain is more peaceful and stronger).

Fortunately, today a man has a multitude of possibilities. The choice of different techniques and skills can go in stride with time and work on yourself. One such technique is this type of energy massage, which gives man strength and wind in the back to achieve balance and progress on the path of his own evolution. Access to this type of energy massage is individual, the whole body is treated, and the duration of treatment is between 60 – 75 minutes.

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