Connective Reflex Massage

Embroidery-reflex massage is a technique that directly affects the firming and lifting of connective tissues.

The basic principle of massage is the effect on certain skin reflex zones on which the tension is felt. In this way, the reflex stimulates the muscle that relaxes, improves circulation and elasticity, and reduces pain. When talking about cellulite in general, it is thought of changes in connective and fatty tissues and is precisely why this massage is best for breaking the hard fatty clusters that are created in this area. The connective-reflexive massage is carried out with a strong stimulus movement on all parts of the body affected by cellulite, and since the binder accompanies the tendons of muscles, it is often necessary to reach deep into the muscles. During the connective-reflex massage It is important to drink plenty of fluids to exper excess substances from the organism.

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