LPG-Cellulite Removal

Our salon uses the LPG Lipo M6 which is intended for anyone who wants to remove cellulite and reduce body circumference. It is advisable to start with the first signs of cellulite to reduce and keep it under control. Therefore, for cellulite there is no age limit. On the contrary, using LPG devices advises everyone.

The basic principle of operation is the vacuum which, in addition to the deep massage, affects the fatty and connective tissue. The subcutaneous tissue separates from the muscle and the moving rollers break cellulite and fat. It also stimulates the formation of elastin and collagen. The treatments are painless and can be done throughout the body. In addition to therapeutic values, they provide an exceptional feeling of relaxation and help fight stress.

By increasing local microcirculation, the LPG method restores the circulation of connective tissue nutrients to the condition before the formation of cellulite and thus improves the appearance and enhances the tension of the skin.

All the results obtained by the LPG method were confirmed on the basis of scientific studies conducted in American and European university clinics. After the treatment it is necessary to drink two liters of water a day to dissolve the dissolved content from the organism via urine. Treatments are advisable to combine with physical activity.

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